Judge Cateria R. McCabe is asking for your vote
for Court of Common Pleas


A historic number of people voted in the last presidential election. JUDICIAL ELECTIONS are important too! Judges hear cases regarding critical rights in numerous aspects of life. This includes your: City, Freedom, Family, Property, and Money.


Judge Cateria R. McCabe is
Experienced • Impartial • Fair


These decisions should not be made lightly.  I am competent, experienced, and fair. I listen to the parties who appear before me. As a practicing attorney for nearly 30 years,  I  worked for the City’s Law Department, in private practice as well as a non-profit organization, SeniorLAW Center.  While there I was the  Director of Veterans, Kinship Care and Tenant Rights. Upon leaving I  served as an Arraignment Court Magistrate. Thereafter, I was appointed to the Court of Common Pleas.  I have actively served in community service and advocacy organizations.

Vote for Judge Cateria R. McCabe.  I am committed and prepared to continue to serve as a judge.

Judge Cateria R. McCabe 


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